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Friday, October 4, 2013


On 15 August 2013 I get to know a facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pembanturumahindonesia  and ask to reply SMS 010 3990696 for booking maid. After I SMS, I get reply from a person name call AHMAD KHAIRUL AL AMIN BIN ABD AZIZ number IC: 860730295905. On the same day he requested me to email my details to his email id maidssupplier@gmail.com.

On 17 August 2013 he confirm me with SMS saying he got one Christian maid name ARIASTANIA NING birth date 28 AUGUST 1977 from JAWA TIMUR and the total cost RM7500.00 with monthly salary RM700.00 together with maid photo asking me to confirm. He requested me to bank in RM500.00 into AHMAD KHAIRUL AL AMIN CIMB BANK account no: 03010105286525 to reserve the above mention maid. I did as per his request and send the slip of payment to him vise SMS.

On 18 August 2013 he SMS and said the money not transfer to his account since I transfer from MAYBANK to CIMB and it was weekend. So he says without he gets the money into his bank account he can’t reserve the maid.  He asks me to wait for other maid. The same day KHAIRUL gives my number to the agent name JAI ask to call me. The JAI call and say he is the agent for the maid ARIASTANIA NING and will bring to me.

On 19 August 2013 he asks me to bank in again to his father MAYBANK Account RM500.00 ABD AZIZ BIN IBRAHIM ACCOUNT NO: 103051039837. So I bank in total RM1000.00 and confirm with him.

On 20 August 2013 he SMS and say the maid which I book earlier available now. The REASON he give “Malay Customer don’t want Christian maid that why their return back so you want to take or not?” So I confirm and he requests me to pay the balance to his staff that will bring the maid to me. The Jai call me to confirm my address and time before bring the maid. I SMS him the full details.

On 21 August 2013 he SMS me to bank in money to ROSZAINIZAL BIN MAHAT and IC Number: 760527-06-5153. I not sure why the name the AHMAD KHAIRUL AL AMIN gives me and the agent coming am different. I told the agent ROSZAINIZAL I can’t bank in RM6300.00 I can issue cheque and he asks me to issue CASH Cheque so I prepared. Around 3:40pm ROSZAINIZAL arrive with maid ARIASTANIA NING and a companion by MS ITA friend and agent to ROSZAINIZAL. Then ROSZAINIZAL provide agreement and photo copy of his IC copy and I took copy of the CASH cheque which I issue for him and ask him to sign. Then he left with MS ITA.

After that I bring the maid back home and she look not happy so I ask the maid ARIASTANIA NING what happen. Then she told me the agent cheat me she having health problem her stomach pain and bleeding she can’t do work that why the Chinese customer return her back and brought by MS ITA. I got shock the agent told me she coming from JB and from Malay customer and the story turn to be different now. And she asking me to send her back I call the ROSZAINIZAL request him to bring back the unhealthy maid. She says he not free and he in JB now and promise to take her the next day.

On 22 August 2013 morning I call ROSZAINIZAL to ask what time he coming to pick the maid. He told me he will coming by afternoon and I waited till 6:00pm he never call me. I SMS to ROSZAINIZAL and AHMAD KHAIRUL AL AMIN ask why nobody call me. Then AHMAD KHAIRUL AL AMIN SMS reply by saying brings the maid to hospital and call the agent JAI. He told me the agent he send is name JAI not ZAI (ROSZAINIZAL) then I told AHMAD KHAIRUL AL AMIN the person bring you maid is ROSZAINIZAL not JAI then he give me JAI no and say this is new number 01126663671 actually this no belong to ROSZAINIZAL not JAI’s number I think KHAIRUL AL AMIN never see in person this both agent and the ROSZAINIZAL make use another person name to KHAIRUL AL AMIN. I call him he say he got some agent work so not able to come to KL today and ask me to take care the maid for one more day.

On 23 August 2013 Morning I call him again he never pick up my call and I SMS him no reply. I call the AHMAD KHAIRUL AL AMIN to find what happen to him and told him about the maid problem. AHMAD KHAIRUL AL AMIN asks me to deal direct with the agent ROSZAINIZAL and he doesn’t want to answer my call. He just SMS me. After few try I get the ROSZAINIZAL on phone I ask him you promise to come today and bring back the maid but why till now you are not calls me. She say today also he can’t make it got family problem. I’m very angry and ask him to send someone else to bring back the maid and give me replacement. Finally 11:10pm a lady name TASNIM ISMAIL IC NO: 890326-43-5096 brings back the maid.

On 24 August 2013 till 27 August 2013 I can’t catch up him with phone. On 30 August 2013 AHMAD KHAIRUL AL AMIN SMS me by giving new number by saying call JAI 01126663671. When I call no answer from the number so I complain to AHMAD KHAIRUL AL AMIN no answer and request him to arrange and ask him who is this agent Jai he told the maid ARIASTANIA NING I really don’t understand and I told AHMAD KHAIRUL AL AMIN the agent name not JAI and ROSZAINIZAL, but this AHMAD KHAIRUL AL AMIN keep saying that is JAI and told me he hospitalist that why cant call me and ask me to wait for 2 weeks for replacement. After this date he stop reply me SMS and calls.

On 30 August 2013 I received SMS from this no 01126663671 ask me to call back. So I call him that actually ROSZAINIZAL not JAI number. ROSZAINIZAL  told he not well and just discharge from hospital and ask me to give some time to get new maid.

On 2 September 2013 I SMS him asking for update on maid. He told he will update by this week and will get maid by 12 September 2013. So I was waited till 12 September 2013 and till now he never call, sms and answer my call. Go missing till todate.

On 19 September 2013 I SMS to JAI 0106623461 then he call me . JAI come out with another story and told me looking for the same agent who cheated him 16K. JAI was in touch with me with two different telephone number until 21 September then go missing. Same things with ITA she also call me and SMS tell me another sorry by the agent she her 6K later she also go missing. Look like both of them collect information from me.


Name:                                  AHMAD KHAIRUL AL AMIN BIN ABD AZIZ
Number IC:                        860730295905
Telephone Number:      010 3990696
CIMB BANK ACC NO:     03010105286525
Number IC:                       
Telephone Number:      010 3990696
MAY BANK ACC NO:      103051039837
FACEBOOK PAGE:          Https://Www.Facebook.Com/Pembanturumahindonesia

Name:                                  ROSZAINIZAL BIN MAHAT
Number IC:                        760527-06-5153
Telephone Number:      0143196169 / 01126663671
FACEBOOK:                       Https://Www.Facebook.Com/Nizal.Mahat.75

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Warm Regard, Sara Pandian


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Friday, December 21, 2012


Merry Chrismas Dear Friendsssssssssssss

Faith makes all things possible,
Hope makes all things work,
Love makes all things beautiful,
May you have all the three for this Christmas.
with love

Warm Regard, Sara Pandian

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